Young people receiving universal inputs.


Young people received detached youth work. 


Young people receiving targeted interventions.

Statistics from 2019 until September 2023

Welcome to the

Avon and Somerset Violence Reduction Partnership

"As the Director for the Avon and Somerset Violence Reduction Partnership, I am responsible for the delivery of the Avon and Somerset wide strategy, as well as the Home Office Violence Reduction Unit and Violence Duty requirements. My aim is to drive delivery of a whole system change approach utilising the Public Health model to tackling serious violence. I will do this by reviewing our operating model, ensuring that partners are working collaboratively to identify and address the root causes of serious violence and evaluating interventions to provide assurance to the Serious Violence Reduction Partnership Board that they are effective. I am proud to be involved in such important work that directly impacts local people’s lives and generations to come."

Natalie Lavis

Violence Reduction Partnership Director

Our Purpose, Vision and Mission

Purpose: Our purpose is to create safer and more resilient communities for now and the generations to come, by reducing serious violent incidents across Avon and Somerset.

Vision: Our Vision is to eliminate serious violence, protect the vulnerable and create safer communities, through the opportunities provided by the evolving Violence Reduction Partnership.

Mission: Our mission is to work collaboratively with partners, to understand and address the root causes of violence in Avon and Somerset, with a focus on education, prevention, and protection.

What is aViolence Reduction Partnership?

The Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) brings together specialist partners, at both the strategic pan Avon and Somerset and local authority level. Together they work to identify and understand the underlying causes of local violent crime and provide an effective response to reduce and deter people from carrying out these crimes.

Across these two layers, these partners include:

  • Education representatives
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Integrated Care Boards – Health
  • Local Authorities and Community Safety Partnerships
  • Office for Health Improvement and Disparities
  • Police
  • Probation
  • The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Voluntary Sector representatives
  • Youth Offending Services

Click on the link below to find out more on our VRP and our hub and spoke model.

The Avon and Somerset2022/23 VRP Achievements

Avon and Somerset Violence Reducation Partnerships work to tackle serious violence has resulted in:


Young people reached through interventions and awareness raising.


Professionals from partner agencies received training.


Young people were identified as at risk through VRP operational meetings.


Spent on education inclusion.


Spent on detached youth work.

Avon and SomersetVRP Strategy:

The Avon and Somerset Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) Strategy is a legal requirement, as per the Serious Violence Duty. It outlines the VRP’s core strategic priorities, our commitments, and subsequent responses to these. The strategy is set for an annual period and is reviewed each year to update and ensure it is still fit for purpose. We do this by undertaking a strategic needs assessment which looks at various of sources of information and data across the partnership, this helps us to work to better understand serious violence and its root causes. We then use this evidence base to help us direct the strategy and response. 

Avon and Somerset
VRP 2024-25 strategy executive summary


Avon and Somerset
VRP 2024-25 strategy document: 


Avon and Somerset
VRP Report 2022-23



July VRP Director’s Blog

July VRP Director’s Blog

As we approach the end of another academic year, I would like to use this blog to celebrate the successful interventions our Violence Reduction Partnership spokes and partners have delivered in collaboration with education providers.

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