South GloucestershireViolence Reduction Partnership

South Gloucestershire is a safe place to live and work but incidents of serious violence do occasionally occur. 

The South Gloucestershire Violence Reduction Partnership (SGVRP) is made up of professionals from the:

  • Council,
  • Education,
  • Police,
  • Public health,
  • Youth outreach.

Together we work to identify challenging behaviours in young people and intervene quickly to prevent serious violence.

SGVRP uses a trauma-based public health approach, by looking at violent behaviour as an illness and investigating the root cause/s of why someone is using violence.

Early intervention can prevent and reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in violence or criminal behaviour.

Interventions used in South Gloucestershire include:

  • Commissioned education sessions in primary and secondary schools,
  • First Aid awareness programmes,
  • Outreach work,
  • Referrals to skilled training courses,
  • Sport sessions,
  • Tailored one-to-one support.

South Gloucestershire VRPInitiatives

Blunt Truth 

    SGVRP funded Blunt Truth sessions, run by doctors, the police and volunteers from the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity. Telling young people the dangers of carrying knives and the devastating consequences to their lives or long-term health as well as on their friends and families. So far  900 students have recieved these sessions.

    Click here to watch a video from Chipping Sodbury School


    Education Inclusion Project

    SGVRP brought these in house 1-2-1 weekly counselling service to young people who had been identified as being at risk of being permanently excluded from school. This work has had a 98% success rate. 

    “Laurence has done an excellent job in helping engage J in school and getting him back onto site. He has also worked hard at giving J a voice.” School quote.


    Mankind – Train the Trainer

      This 6-part programme is aimed at professionals to then deliver to young people. It looks at what it is to be male, the influences and impacts on young people and how typical stereotypes are not a true representation of men.

      The programme features:

      • Films and toys,
      • Gender rules,
      • Growing up and gender stereotypes in games,
      • Male characteristics,
      • Principles and values
      • Social media and advertising,
      • The last session is titled who are you?

      The last sessions were delivered in March 2024.


      Street Doctors

      As part of the SGVRP commissioned package, local South Gloucestershire young people have been trained in the topics of:

      • ‘What to do if someone is bleeding
      • What to do if someone is knocked out’

      Last year, 79 young people participated in a Street Doctors session.

      National impact data shows that after a Street Doctors training session:

      • 96% of young people say they understand the consequences of violence
      • 93% of young people say they know what to do if someone is bleeding
      • 83% of young people say they are willing and able to act in a first aid emergency

      Unique Voice Belonging workshops

      Primary schools

      These age-appropriate sessions were delivered across 10 primary schools, to young people in school years 5 and 6.

      The sessions educated young people in:

      • Understanding their own emotions,
      • Recognising the importance of valuing feeling and
      • How they can overcome negative feelings.

      Watch the video from Woodlands Primary School in Yate.


      Wheels Project

        SGVRP contributed towards a 6-week programmes for young people who were identified as vulnerable to criminal exploitation.

        The sessions aimed to:

        • Build confidence,
        • Dissuade the young people from an involvement in crime,
        • Encourage healthy working relationships.

        The Wheels Project staff provided instructions and support to teach young people how to:

        • Behave in a work environment,
        • Build and drive racing karts,
        • Complete basic maintenance on motor vehicles,
        • Keep safe in the work environment.

        Police stay for the sessions to build rapport, manage any behaviour issues, encourage participation and monitor the young peoples development journey.


        “My child has learned to do what he knows is right and not to be led into bad crime.” Parent feedback.


        South Gloucestershirecontacts:

        Click here if you have a non-emergency situation.

        If you have concerns about the safety of a child or an adult contact:

        • Safeguarding children team
          Phone: 01454 866000 or during out of hours
          01454 615 165
        • Safeguarding adults team
          Phone: 01454 866007 or during out of hours
          01454 615 165

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        July VRP Director’s Blog

        July VRP Director’s Blog

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